Our designs illustrate a reciprocity of playfulness and desirable elegance that boldly incorporates the classical yet never compromises on comfort. Coquettish sheer insets, plays of leather ties, strategically placed cross effects along with cuts that show off the female silhouette. Be enchanted by a sumptuous colour palette of imperial purple, vibrant fandango, pale pink and sophisticated black. The amalgamation of these fabrics and textures allows the Pure Chemistry Woman to express all the facets of her femininity. Whether a control babe or the dreamy Cinderella, Pure Chemistry Lingerie designs strikes the perfect balance of playfulness, strength and sensuality for every woman!

 “I recognise that the expressive qualities of fashion are not limited to the outerwear but begins for us women with the intimate apparel. A woman needs to feel strong and sexy. Pure Chemistry remains fresh through an element of the unexpected.

Production takes place in the UK, using the finest fabric from silks to lace. PURE CHEMISTRY LINGERIE has featured in Vogue , GQ, Drapers Record, Tirade, Mens Health and many more publications. Pure Chemistry showcases at Oxford Fashion Week and exclusively at various trade shows.


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